Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mayan Word.. available por fin!

The wisdom of women, respect for the earth and consequences of the damage already caused by man - the so-called Mayan prophecy is general common sense thinking if one loves the world we inhabit in any truthful meaningful way.

This documentary asks some good, poignant questions and also makes an interesting point - in all the books, films, products, commodification of the '2012 Mayan Prophecy' is anyone actually asking the Maya what it's all about? OR in typical ignorant fashion are other nations simply fetishizing yet another New WorLd STorY that is meant to teach us some sense and responsibility for our actions towards others and our environment? 

This documentary has made me reflect further in terms of the relationship between how we treat the earth and how we treat the beginning and creation of human life upon it.... currently not with the respect it deserves perhaps!

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