Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Cooking with gas!

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on monday 13th, Arturo bought me some lovely flowers (after a few hints), we were given free cake at our fav cafe and spent the evening watching a dvd on our newly fixed laptop and downing a bottle of cheap plonk, after which we spent about an hour cooing over photos of Emilia... Now thats what i call fast living!!

We finally have a proper cooker (thanks parents!!), Arturo is slowly coming to terms with it being powered by gas, he seems to thnk his face will blow off everytime he lights the hob, and has yet to go anywhere near the oven. I'm slowly moving him into the 21st century but it's taking time.

My brother is visiting this week yay!!!pressies!!!

Emilia also completed 5 months on our anniversary and is celebrating with her new talent of eating her feet and burping on demand. She promises next month to try and wash her own nappies (i wish!!).

Whilst the first world continues to go up the spout a bit (world service informed am I oh yes), here in the third world economy things are the continue as always.... completely buggered!!! But at least there's continuity. We live off about 5 quid a week, don't pay taxes and somehow meet the rent each month And we don't have to pay nearly three quid for a mango down tescos, we just pick them from the trees..... aaaahhh sounds like paradise, which in a way it is, although i must admit it wouldn't be if we didn't have a steady stream of treats and packages from 'the isles' (thanks motherland people)....

Hoooever, apart from the apalling human rights record, deep class divides, religious control of society, no education, health or any kind of protection unless you can pay for it......What keeps me here?

The loves of my life....................... and the weather, food, music, culture, people, chocolate, coffee, mountains, beaches.......
bye bye for now xxxxx

Thursday, 9 October 2008

sitting pretty

Emilia almost sat up by herself this morning, after 2 seconds all went a bit wobbly and she was back on her back.

Arturo seems to be noticing my stressed face very easily and now send me out of the house for half an hours downloading of bbc podcasts and well, doing this blog stuff. We celebrate a year of marraige on monday, WoW, getting better everyday.

We had a visit from aunty Alba yesterday, she arrived, drank coffee, ran around the town centre, i've never seen her move soooo fast. She felt cold but refused a shawl, living here i am noticng the diference between the BIG city folks who turn up to visit looking well stressed and by the end of a day leave refreshed and chilled out, all ready to get stressed in the city again. Apart from Aunty Alba that is, she came and got more stressed because she noticed we didn't have a tv and she had missed her soap opera.

A mexican without tele is like a first world nation without a fake cash crisis....

Time to get back to the nappies

Monday, 6 October 2008

God Makes Nappies (apparently)

We had a visit from the inlaws at the weekend, they had been up late listening to evangelical radio and my mother in law was ready to roll. I counted at least 4 god bless yous as they walked through the door and whilst changing Emilia's nappy i was informed that i was using the best that harms nobody, as god makes cloth nappies, and apparently everything else in the world. Making me think that it must make disposables as well and is therefore ruining its own world creation. I managed to bite my lip as usual, oooh so tempting but motherhood seems to have mellowed me somewhat.
She also promised to send along some informative pamphlets on the next visit, aparently i need to be saved.... i'm thinking of getting myself, husband and baby shaved heads and buddist outfits, or maybe we should just move!