Thursday, 9 October 2008

sitting pretty

Emilia almost sat up by herself this morning, after 2 seconds all went a bit wobbly and she was back on her back.

Arturo seems to be noticing my stressed face very easily and now send me out of the house for half an hours downloading of bbc podcasts and well, doing this blog stuff. We celebrate a year of marraige on monday, WoW, getting better everyday.

We had a visit from aunty Alba yesterday, she arrived, drank coffee, ran around the town centre, i've never seen her move soooo fast. She felt cold but refused a shawl, living here i am noticng the diference between the BIG city folks who turn up to visit looking well stressed and by the end of a day leave refreshed and chilled out, all ready to get stressed in the city again. Apart from Aunty Alba that is, she came and got more stressed because she noticed we didn't have a tv and she had missed her soap opera.

A mexican without tele is like a first world nation without a fake cash crisis....

Time to get back to the nappies

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