Monday, 6 October 2008

God Makes Nappies (apparently)

We had a visit from the inlaws at the weekend, they had been up late listening to evangelical radio and my mother in law was ready to roll. I counted at least 4 god bless yous as they walked through the door and whilst changing Emilia's nappy i was informed that i was using the best that harms nobody, as god makes cloth nappies, and apparently everything else in the world. Making me think that it must make disposables as well and is therefore ruining its own world creation. I managed to bite my lip as usual, oooh so tempting but motherhood seems to have mellowed me somewhat.
She also promised to send along some informative pamphlets on the next visit, aparently i need to be saved.... i'm thinking of getting myself, husband and baby shaved heads and buddist outfits, or maybe we should just move!

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